The Ultimate Sky Penthouse – Odeon Tower

Odeon Tower Sky Penthouse

Odeon Tower Sky Penthouse

Fancy a waterslide that takes you straight from your dance floor to your swimming-pool? What about an unobstructed view of the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea? Believe it or not, this property exists… and it could be yours for a reported $400 million.

The tiny principality of Monaco, nestled on the French Riviera, is best known as a playground of the rich and famous – with nearly one in every three residents a millionaire, according to WeathInsight research. But it could soon garner a reputation for more than its glamourous Grand Prix and numerous casinos – as it is now home to what could become the world’s most expensive apartment.

The property in question is the 3,300-square-meter, quintuplex “Sky Penthouse” in the soon-to-be-completed Odeon Tower.

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